Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

The wait is over. Here is the trailer of the most anticipated movie of 2010.

The trailer is EPIC, with many amazing and entertaining scenes. The movie comes out in November! I know that everyone's dying to watch it!

Gun Man Signature

I recently haven't made anything in photoshop since I was busy with exams and other things, so I decided to make a signature. I came up with this:

Stark Walls

I've always been interested in writing songs, so I tried writing one yesterday and I came up with this:

Stark Walls
Staring here and there,
Plain and stark walls,
Cuz this life ain’t fair,
Someone help me fill up my holes,
Feeling it deep inside,
Throwing it outside,
Hurting everyone around me,
Who try to listen to me,
Gazing at the colorless walls,
I feel it calling me,
Rage is pushing me,
Grace is pulling me,
What is going on?
Cuz I can’t take it any more,
Someone help me fill up my holes,
I feel it deep inside,
I Throw it outside,
Hurting everyone around me,
Who try to listen to me,
And now what has become of me?
Lifeless senseless helpless
Guilty and full of shame
Getting out of this is my aim
Someone help me fill up my holes,
Feeling it deep inside,
Throwing it outside,
Hurting everyone around me,
Who try to listen to me.

An Inspiration...

I've been reading books since I was a kid, and one of my favorite childtime authors-maybe the only one-has inspired me a lot to read and evolve my reading.
Enid Blyton is my all-time favorite author for kids' books. Her books are thrilling, exciting, and well-written. I used to read her books that had more than one stories in them, and used to enjoy them a lot. Then one day, I checked out one of her Secret Seven series and then i got addicted!!!!!!! I bought all the ten books in the series, but never had the chance to finish them all till now...Who knows...maybe one day I'll reread them again!
I've also enjoyed her Billy Bob Tales... I recommend Enid Blyton books to everyone...
Enid Blyton is amazing. She inspired me to read, and now I'm a wide reader...

The Thin Executioner Review

First of all, it took me longer to finish a Darren Shan book than usual because the book is bigger in size and has more pages. 
This is a review about the book The Thin Executioner:
The story is more about beliefs, slaves, as many reviewers before me said, it's not a book you expect from Darren Shan, but that doesn't mean its not a good book. The book is very interesting, set in ancient times where people enslave others and believe in gods.
The writing style in this book is very different than all Darren Shan's previous books. The narrating is in third person point of view rather than first person point of view. It takes a while to get used to this narrating change, but you get used to it.
I personally loved this book although it was difficult for me in the beginning to get used to it. Although you're not used to it, you still want to find out more about what happens. The characters are well-developed and likeable.

Don't expect the same vampire/demon style that Darren Shan writes here. Although I should say that a change is great. We should see different ideas from any author. Anyway, I recommend this book to all Darren Shan fans; don't be disappointed, and don't give up reading it halfway through.

The Thin Executioner

A new book(finally)by Darren Shan. I can't wait to get it by tomorrow and start reading it!! I will post a review after I finish reading the book, so stay tuned! 
In a harsh, unforgiving world of slavery and glorified executions, one boy's humiliation leads him to embark on a perilous quest to the faraway lair of a mysterious god. It is a dark, brutal, nightmarish journey which few have ever survived. But to Jebel Rum, the risk is worth it...

… to retrieve his honour…
to win the hand of the girl he loves…
to wield unimaginable power
… and to become…

Standing Boy

I made two signatures out of this pic:

Check the signatures below:
First version:


Second version:

Wolverine Signature

I made a new signature which turned out REALLY REALLY GOOD!

What do you think?

New Within Temptation Song

I just heard a new Within Temptation song and it's really good.
Apparently the song is from a live album, not a studio album.
To listen to it check it out below:

Skateboard Signature

I made a new signature yesterday using a render with a boy riding a skateboard and used a lot of C4D images....
Anyway, check it below:

The Thin Executioner

This is the UK cover of the upcomind Darren Shan book, The Thin Executioner.
I really like the cover, as all Darren Shan books.
Anyway, you can view it below:

Adam Gontier Signature

I've just made this signature following a tutorial... I really like it!

The render I used is Adam Gontier, who is my favorite singer from my favorite band "Three Days Grace".