Hell's Heroes(10th & Final Book Of The Demonata)

I never get disappointed visiting Darren Shan's website...anyways I found this and I seriously LOVE IT ...I cant stop looking at it...anyways...now that Dark Calling is almost coming...I can't wait for this ...I am just a HUUUUUUGEEE Darren Shan fan...

The Saga Of Darren Shan Series (Review)

ok...I would like to review one of my favorite book series called The Saga of Darren Shan also known as Cirque Du Freak series in the US.
ok...this series starts with a guy called Darren,who goes with his friend Steve, to a freakshow. And then something happens(I'm not gonna reveal) that Darren turns to a Vampire...and we find out later in the sequels that Vampires are the "good" ones and the Vampaneze are the "enemies".
Anyways...the series is amazing...they keep you hungry for more...the writing style is very professional and the series is FILLED with twists...they keep you hooked...
There are 12 books in the series...
1. Cirque Du Freak
2. The Vampires Assistant
3. Tunnels of Blood
4. Vampire Mountain
5. Trials of Death
6. The Vampire Prince
7. Hunters of the Dusk
8. Allies of the Night
9. Killers of the Dawn
10. The Lake of Souls
11. Lord of the Shadows
12. Sons of Destiny
The last book is amazing(all are amazing)...
They are written in 1st person point of view...
I recommend this book series to everyone...

A New Sig 4 Myself

worked rlly hard on it

A Sig I Made For A Friend

I made this signature for a friend...hope they like it...=P

Latest Signature

So this new signature was made for a competition for designers in adobe photoshop for designers... It's called SOTW or signature of the week. This is their fifth one...anyways...I hope I win...I just won once..there are better designers than me;they have the chance to win more...Anyways...the theme is a cartoon,so I used Chicken Little...
I posted other contestants' signatures too

Some Creations Using Photoshop

These are a few creations I made with photoshop, I honestly like the spiderman one the most.

Will Post everything...

Hey...I will post everything I made by Photoshop, or anything that anyone made for me... Just wait and ill post them ;)


My Love To The Album ONE-X

I know its not that good...but i made it just to show how much I love the albm One-X by Three Days Grace

anyways...u can check it out here...

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Hey...Enjoy my blog...altho theres not much