New Sig(Hahahah)

Another signature from might think I'm a freak...but the truth is, designers really enjoy their work!!!
Anyway,it seems I'm improving,as people are anyway...I used the clipping mask option. Most of you might not know what clipping mask is, so I'll explain.
Can you see the white bubbles with the picture's face(whatever you want to call it,robot,whatever...)?
So eventually, that's the clipping mask, it's the first time I use it,and I know that the placement isn't that appropriate...I'll try to use the option better in later signatures...
And also, I wanted to make a new type of borders so I used the bubble border. How is it looking?
What do you think of the new tool and the new signature?


yaso said...

well honestly i liked the signature more infact i like it the most. as i said be4 keep the good work comin bro.