The Remake of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton

These are some pictures from the remake of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton...I must say these pictures are pieces of art. They're faboulous. The cast are perfect: Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, and Johnny Depp. The make up is amazing. I'm definately going to watch this movie whenever it comes out.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Poster

This is the poster for the movie I'm dying to watch. It looks amazing and breathtaking. The character posters look amazing too. It shows how hard they worked on it.

Beam Made By Pentool

This is a new tool I learned, as can you see, the spiral things around Jack Shepherd...anyways, what do you think?

An Edit Of A Pic For A Friend

This is the original picture...he wanted me to edit it. I didnt do much.This is how it came out...

Userbar I Made

So this is the userbar. How is it looking?

New Sig(Hahahah)

Another signature from might think I'm a freak...but the truth is, designers really enjoy their work!!!
Anyway,it seems I'm improving,as people are anyway...I used the clipping mask option. Most of you might not know what clipping mask is, so I'll explain.
Can you see the white bubbles with the picture's face(whatever you want to call it,robot,whatever...)?
So eventually, that's the clipping mask, it's the first time I use it,and I know that the placement isn't that appropriate...I'll try to use the option better in later signatures...
And also, I wanted to make a new type of borders so I used the bubble border. How is it looking?
What do you think of the new tool and the new signature?

Another Sig I Made Following a Tutorial

As you can see that I'm too addicted to photoshop since it's my free time, I decided to check out some tutorials,and I followed it!! I really like this signature... =D
What do you guys think?? =D

Background For My Blog

So here it is...I really like it...what do you think :D ?

Three Days Grace Signature

Eventually, I made this signature using a set of pictures, as also, you can see Adam Gontier's face in the background too; I just made it randomly and it turned out good!!So..watcha thinking?

June 6th 2009

so today was my last exam, and i finished school...